Board Of Directors

Board of Directors of Alfred Haenchen

Alfred Haenchen Co-op is based on the principle of participatory democracy, and its operation is controlled by its members. Residents are members, not tenants, and there is no landlord.

The co-op is governed by a Board of Directors who are elected by the members to oversee the daily functioning of the co-op. The Board of Directors consist of a President, Vice-President, Corporate Secretary, Treasurer and four other Directors.

2020-2021 Director's & Officer's List

Name Designation
Saeed Akhtar President/Director *2021
Margarita Guenther Vice-President/Director *2020
Marlene Burbank Secretary/Director *2021
Suvrat Vohra Treasurer/Director *2020
Doris Hammond Director *2021
Janis Drever Director *2021
Anwar Khan Director *2020
* Denotes current term expiring in November of the year indicated.